All the plot owners of Shankar Hills Colony of Vattinagulapally Village can become members of Shankar Hills Plot Purchasers Welfare Association.

Such of the plot owners who are not yet the members of our welfare association for one reason are the other can still enroll themselves as our members to protect their properties as a combines unit. Those who are unable to represent themselves because of proximity or physical fitness can authorize in writing to become members of the association on their behalf.

All the Plot owners shall be eligible to become members of the association and shall pay a sum of just Rs. 100/- as non-refundable entrance fee.

The membership shall get transferred to the legal heirs of the owners automatically, however any transferee, other than family members of the owner, shall become members on furnishing a copy of the conveyance and payment of Rs. 100/- to the Association.

Each member shall be entitled to have one vote only irrespective of the number of plots owned by him/her.

A member shall cease to be a member when he ceases to be a plot/plots owner. Or when his/her membership is cancelled for valid reasons.

For becoming member in our Shankar Hills Plot Purchasers Welfare Association (Regd No. 2210/1989), plot owner should submit the following documents :
1. Membership application form duly filled with details and signed.
2. Copy of the Sale Deed/title deed.
3. ID & Address proof
4. Two passport size photos

Non members of the plot owners of our layout may please enroll themselves as members by paying the prescribed feeses and make the association stronger for faster development of our layout.